Introducing the dresses!

Some people collect coins, antique spoons, snow globes, pez dispensers. Everyone has that certain something that they just can’t resist! For me that thing has always been, without a doubt, dresses. Colorful, frilly, classic, summery, theme party appropriate or fully formal  no matter what the style I loved them all! As early as I can remember I have had a love affair with the dress. Evidence lies in old photos from my first Polaroid camera depicting a 7 year old Rachel closet filled mostly with itty bitty pastel colored frocks. My mom tells stories of how as a very young child I would without fail disappear to my room several times a day only to emerge a few minutes later in one of my of the moment favorites, oftentimes announcing myself in a fashion similar to that of one of my most beloved television shows at the time, The Price is Right exclaiming, “Rachel Marie come on down!!” In middle school I discovered thrift stores and scoured them looking for diamonds in the rough that could be altered and embellished into something fabulous. Years passed, jobs and hobbies and boyfriends came and went, but one thing never changed, my love for collecting dresses.

Fast forward to today, 30 something Miss.Marie fully immersed and obsessed head and heart in the world of fruits, veggies and all things delicious, all the while still completely smitten with those dresses. Whether I am wearing them myself or lending out to friends looking for that perfect something for a wedding, girls night, or party the dress collection always aims to please!


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