My easy peasy go to crown braid


I am admittedly a short hair girl at heart, short and curly, that’s my jam and (spoiler alert) I have a sneaking suspicion  you might just be seeing that look on me again pretty darn soon! I love those dramatic cuts, going from super long to short, chin length is such a fun change! I spend three-four years every so often growing out my locks for two reasons, one so I can donate my hair to Locks of Love and two so I can get creative with fun braids, buns, and pin curl hairstyles. Most happily one of my favorite styles and the style I get the most compliments on is also the easiest one, don’t you love it when things work out like that!? Once you start doing this look I swear it’s so easy peasy! So much so you can do it without a mirror and if the occasion calls for it in the middle of the beautiful Sedona desert wilderness.

As long as you can create a normal braid you can do this hairstyle. Start by parting the hair into two sections. Braid one of the sections to the end, then holding onto the end pull the braid apart a bit to make it wider, as much or as little as you like. Pull this first braid over your head and pin it down at its end with a bobby pin then again at the base of the braid with another pin. If need be you can put a pin in the center of the braid too in order to make it more secure. Next just as you did the first section, braid the second section of hair. Pull the braid apart, then fold that braid over the other braid atop your head. Secure with bobby pins at the end and base, making sure to tuck in the ends of the hair so they are not popping out. I like to also puff up the back of my hair a bit to give the look a little more fullness by pulling out the top back section some at the end. Feel free to use pins to tuck away any loose ends, finishing with a spritz of hair spray is helpful too for smoothing flyaways should you have any.

Happy hairstyling!


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