Adventures in Arizona, part 1

Oh San Diego, I love your seemingly never ending sunshiny season. Heatwaves in September, sunshine and 60’s in November, Christmas so warm and sunny you can spend it at the beach…bring it on! Sometimes though, like for instance during a random 100+ degree fall heatwave you gotta take a mini break and seek out some real seasonal changes elsewhere. Adventures in Delicious hit the road this month for a little out of state adventure, aside from deliciousness at the top of our must hit list were fall weather and those illustrious fall colors.


First stop of the trip, Flagstaff Arizona! Nestled in the Coconino National Forest at 7,000 feet it is the land of Ponderosa pines and is a far stretch for the dry and dusty, cactus filled terrain we first encountered when crossing the border into Arizona from California. Upon arrival we were welcomed with temperatures which even in September were dipping down into the low 40’s at night and on our last night were even treated to torrential downpours and a spectacular thunder and lightning storm! Fall weather, check!

In addition to being super walkable and having one of the cutest downtown areas to wander around in ever, Flagstaff also happens to have a burgeoning food and beverage scene. Local Chef James Hoffman was kind enough to take us on a culinary walking tour of the town and then over the next few days we attempted to sample as much of the deliciousness as possible! I pretty much recommend everything we tried… green and red Christmas chilaquiles at MartAnne’s Cafe,Β  crispy plantains and sangria at Criollo, bubbles at FLG Terroir, sushi and sake at Karma, and sandwiches at Tourist Home. One of my favorite meals though was at Sosoba, a ramen spot which prides itself on being “unabashedly in-authentic” and serves up noodle bowls which are packed full of super flavorful ingredient combinations and veggies sourced from local farms (yay!). They also make a slew of scrumptious sauces in house, I am a big fan of spice so I topped my gluten free noodle bowl with their super spicy blueberry habanero sauce. SO yummy!

In terms of accommodations you absolutely must stay at one of Flagstaff’s historic hotels, both the Monte Vista and Weatherford were visually such a treat to explore and had super comfy rooms to boot! Some of the rooms evenΒ  have clawfoot bathtubs so be sure to request one of those if bubble bathing is your thing.


Another thing about Flagstaff I appreciated was that everyone I encountered that lived and worked there really seemed to love living there so much! People were super friendly and down to earth and really easy going in such a refreshing and welcoming way. One shop we were in upon checking out I got into a conversation about apple season with the girl at the counter and she ended up giving me her address in case I wanted to stop by and pick apples from her tree before leaving town. Such friendly folk! Oh be still my small town loving heart!

Flagstaff gets two delicious thumbs up in my book! I am already skeeming a second trip back there in the winter months to check out the long list of restaurants I did not have a chance to try and maybe check out some snow, or do some stargazing at the famous Lowell Observatory, oh or someday be there for the famous pine cone drop at midnight on New Years Eve.



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  1. Steve (Dennis’ Dad) and I just watched the video on his big screen TV, awesome. I read the article…Excellent. Looks like you had a great time. I remember Adrian but never met Theda.

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