Adventures in Arizona, part 2!


As if Flagstaff did not have enough Arizona awesomeness to offer during our adventures we also managed to squeeze in a 2 day jaunt over to the spectacularly scenic town of Sedona, and when I say scenic oh my goshness I mean scenic! Even the drive between Flagstaff and Sedona was a massive treat for the eyes. Colorful canyons, mountain ranges, babbling brooks, and trees galore! After leaving Flagstaff we took a lovely switchback road through the mountains down to Oak Creek Canyon where our first stop was Harding Spring off of Hwy 89A. Whether you are a local filling up jugs for the week or a traveler filling up you water bottle Harding Spring is the perfect spot to enjoy some cold mountain spring water straight from the source!

After all that mountain adventuring and hydration we were definitely ready for a snack and most happily stumbled upon Indian Gardens Cafe and Market. So much deliciousness to take in here! The market offers an array of locally produced hot sauces, apple butters, cider, baked goods, coffee, beer, wine and other food goodies. The Cafe also had a plethora of delicious options which you can order to go if you are in a hurry or take and enjoy in their lovely outdoor seating area out back. I of course could not resist getting a Reuben sandwich on (swoon) fresh baked gluten free bread!


Just a hop, skip and a jump from Oak Creek is Sedona, which as many of you probably already know is known for its crazy pants gorgeous red rock canyons. Our hotel the Amara Resort and Spa offered a most enjoyable view which paired perfectly with a margarita from their bar and restaurant Saltrock Southwestern Kitchen.


Saltrock also had a delicious dinner menu which was very gluten free friendly. Even their dinner rolls which they brought around before the meal were a delightful combination of tapioca flour and cheese ie gluten free naturally, yay! I may have even snuck a few into my purse to save for a late night snack. The restaurant also offered gluten free toast at breakfast, so needless to say all my bread cravings were being well met and then some!

Outside of staying in a fabulous hotel there are so many fun things to do in Sedona. There are miles and miles of hiking trails, breathtaking helicopter tours, and more crystal shops, energy healers, and spas than you can count. Since we were limited on time we picked an activity that was a little outside of the norm for both of us and spent the morning on a Pink Jeep off-roading tour of the red rocks.


SO. MUCH. FUN!! I am admittedly not the most outdoorsy person and I can easily count how many times I have been off-roading on one hand so I was a bit nervous before embarking on this particular adventure. Would I get motion sick? What if I fall out of the jeep? Or get lost in the wilderness and eaten by bears? Are there bears in Arizona?…So many naturey worries and all for not because this tour was the bees knees!! Between the spectacular scenery that kept me oohing and awing the whole time and the tour guide who was the perfect combo of super informative and so funny my cheeks hurt from smiling so much by the end of the tour, it was ahhmazing! A real life version of the Disneyland Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ride is the closest thing I can compare it to, without the poison darts and snakes though thank goodness!

Such a fun adventure! Can’t wait to come back to Sedona again soon, 2 days was definitely not enough. Next trip I plan on spending some time hiking and sitting in vortexes and balancing it out with a healthy dose of spa treatments. Until then wishing you all delicious adventures too! xoxo


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